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Ponds & Marshes

In the Fall of 2002, Bunker Hill Services, Inc. undertook the task of designing and installing a 1 1/2 acre pond on a local farm. The project involved everything from design concept to the finished product. Bunker Hill Services, Inc. was responsible for creating the design of the pond, acquiring all necessary permits and 100% of the installation and finishing work required to accomplish the customers concept. We worked closely with the MD Soil Conservation District to do this type of excavation. The photos below show various phases of the construction.




If you are interested in pursuing wildlife habitat development, there are many options and there may be auxiliary funding available. Bunker Hill Services, Inc. is familiar with the State processes and required permitting and has experience developing property such as this. Call us for an appointment to discuss your situation.


We were in the process of the planting of additional grasses so that the pond was at roughly 75% capacity when the last photo was taken. At this point, it was already being used by waterfowl and other wildlife.


The next series of photos is of work done at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge in Delaware. We contracted to remove an old deck and install a new prefabricated deck in its place. The area is very marshy and we used mats under our equipment to minimize damage done to the area during all phases of construction.


  Old dock prior to removal.  
  Planning the process.  
  Starting removal of the old dock.  
  The new walkway ready to install.  
  Installing rock berm with minimal damage.  
  Berm after completion.  


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